Opportunity in Opposition


“. . . and began contradicting the things spoken by Paul, . . .” Acts 13:45 



The sheer size, the staggering largeness of the world into which God calls us; its multidimensional spaciousness is vast, but sin does its best to shrink the wonder and work of God’s creation.  Wherever God’s good creative will is at work, there is also the creating force of evil. Revival is always met with resistance.


Paul and Barnabas’ message had been met with opposition. The Jews were filled with jealousy and began to speak abrasively against the things Paul was saying. The atmosphere was dangerous, the Jewish door of receptivity was closing.  The Jews had rejected a message that embraces all people without distinction, but a new door was opening to the Gentiles.


Paul was led to a decisive turning point, he would now focus his attention on the Gentiles. The word spread like mad through the Gentile world. What seemed like the entire population of Gentles in the city had gathered to hear the gospel. The lesson heard is clear, our opportunity is found in opposition.


Paul and Barnabas responded to the opposition by speaking boldly and freely. Now, something unexpected and surprising was happening that would have otherwise never been discovered had it not been for the presence of opposition. The message of Jesus was carried out into all parts of the globe. 


The challenge of life is to coexist between two things that are totally true, yet at the same time, opposing each other – it’s our perspective that determines the outcome of the situation.  Opposition is always in our opportunity to say something for Christ, in spite of the risk, in spite of our human frailties.  Opportunity is hidden in the opposition. 


Your opposition is your opportunity. This one principle is the catalyst to managing every situation of life. We cannot control the variables of our circumstances, we can only control our perspective.  Whenever we reach out for a new opportunity, there will be opposition. Don’t let the opposition make you quit and miss the opportunity God has for you.



Are you making the most of your opposition?