Echo Jesus 


“. . . Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent. . . .” Psalm 15:5


We live in a world where integrity seems to be a forgotten character quality in every area of contemporary life. Whether it’s in politics, the world of business, in sports, or entertainment, integrity seems to be in short supply. People are more concerned with being held liable than doing the right thing. Many are focused more on avoiding pain, suffering, and inconvenience, than living godly lives and doing the right thing.

Character and integrity impact every detail of life. Character is what oil is to an engine. With it the engine runs smoothly, without it the machine begins to burn up and break down. 

Scripture speaks specifically about how His disciples should live in this world. We must continually learn what it means to live faithfully and obediently to echo Jesus’ attitudes in our everyday life.

Many deal with God with impure motivations, by praying with ulterior motives hoping to “make” a change in those around them, while they themselves avoid the very change God is working to bring about in their own life. And, of course, if they are dealing with God in a way which lacks integrity, it’s hard to imagine they are dealing with others differently.

A follower of Jesus must make it a point to know their own motives, to ensure that we are trustworthy with His message. That when we speak, we speak not for the approval of the crowd, but only for God’s approval. That in our dealings with others, our motivation would be free of mixed motives or hidden agenda. That we’d never use our relationship with Jesus as a smoke screen to take advantage of others.

As Christ-followers, our driving agenda is to serve the Lord by speaking and acting out of a pure heart in ways which make His Presence obvious to those around us. 


Consider these two questions: How are the Christian faith and the Christian life related? What’s the connection between what God gives us and does for us, and what God requires us to do?