One More Ingredient


“. . . and there they continued to preach the gospel.” Acts 14:7


The path to fulfilling God’s will does exist. Not only does God have a will, He also has a way to accomplish all He has intended for us. We need the vision to believe, we need the faith to find and follow His dream for us. As well, we need the courage to go get on to it. However, vision, faith, and courage are not enough, we need one more ingredient. 

We need perseverance. To have the ability to never stop fighting until we have reached our unique destined place. The key to success is the essential action of perseverance. Someone once said perseverance is falling 19 times and getting up 20 times. Perseverance is the secret of all triumphs.

Chapter 14 of Acts records the enduring activities of Paul and Barnabas in south Galatia where they traveled to the cities of Iconium, 90 miles southeast of Antioch. Then on to Lystra, which was 20 miles southwest of Iconium, and making a treetops journey from Lystra to Derbe, a 63 mile journey on unpaved track. Their travels were filled with incredible moments of conversion, as well as, conflict. After they had endured great suffering and persecution, after being misunderstood, maligned, and mistreated. After they had faced trouble that would have made anyone else head the other direction to seek comfort and rest, they proceeded to retrace their journey eventually sailing back to Antioch.

Perseverance is not just sticking-to-it-ness. It is endurance combined with the absolute confidence that the One for whom we are living, will win in the end. We fully embrace all Jesus stood for and fought for: love, justice, forgiveness, kindness, and full salvation for all who believe. Perseverance is a call to hang on to do all we can, to work deliberately with certainty knowing our Lord’s purpose will succeed in the earth. Perseverance shifts the momentum from fear of failing, to faith to finish the course. 


If you are experiencing disappointment or discouragement don't give up, choose to go up, persevere in your faith in God.