The Things God Calls Great


“. . . a servant-girl named Rhoda came to answer.” Acts 12:13


God is good! God is faithful!  No matter how well we know God, we tend to forget God makes good on His promises. Many Christians live in a constant state of unexpectancy and disbelief. When the answer comes knocking at our door, we don’t recognize it. We must learn to make room for God to answer our prayers. 

Rhoda was a young slave girl living in the house of Mary, Barnabas’ sister! When the sound of knocking is heard, Rhoda comes out from the prayer meeting to answer the door, it was part of her work in the house. It was of little use to be praying on one side of a shut door, while the answer stood on the other side.

Rhoda stops praying to answer the door. The lesson here is ours to learn and be reminded of daily. No heights of delights and devotion are excuses for neglecting the smallest task. The most common acts of daily life are truer worship than all the songs we sing, the verses we read, and prayers we pray.

There was another girl who committed an act of extravagant devotion. When she broke the alabaster box to anoint the feet of the Savior, which were soon to be pierced with nails the next morning, it was an act worthy of undying remembrance.  

The simple act of answering the door is forever commemorated by the Spirit and the word. The answers of our prayers are found in the common moments of our life. The name and the act of this poor slave girl are here to teach us that the things we call small, are the things God calls great, which are not determined by their magnitude, but by their motive to honor the Lord Jesus.


Where in your life is the answer knocking at your door? What actions and environments have you under-valued or disregarded as unimportant? That door! Open it! That little task! Do it!