Habits of the Heart


“When he knocked at the door of the gate, . . .” Acts 12:13


Habit is not the influence of evil forces on our life, even though we speak of smoking habits, swearing habits, and drinking habits. There are holy habits which form healthy rhythms of our life. Holy habits are designed to grow, conserve, and strengthen the creation of the character of Christ within us. 

Holy habits cause vital virtues to become second nature. Through holy habits we grow the instinct of self-denial, the prayer habit, the Bible reading habit, the Church going habit, the purity habit, the truth habit, along with the habits of faith, hope, and love. Holy habits sustain us to live with courage during days of drudgery.

Peter was a frightened, bewildered man, he was confused and stunned by the miraculous events of deliverance that had taken place just before dawn. The soldiers would soon be looking for him. He might have been tempted to run out of the city and hide, but the old habit of assembling with believers rose up in him. In the moment of danger, a homing instinct arose in him and saved him. 

Every life has highs and lows. But life does not consist of crises, chaos, catastrophe, and conquering. Most of it is lived on the old hard concrete of life. Many times we have to live and balance life without inspiration or the miraculous. 

When inspiration is gone and we have to face gray days and dark nights when everything we know about God seemingly fails us, when we feel spiritually empty and face the attack of the enemy around every corner, how are we to live through the silent days?

The holy habits of the heart bring us back to life in the Spirit. Where our best powers are turned and tuned in to higher things. The Spirit, like an invisible current, lifts us up and carries us through turbulent waters. Our soul, while in the midst of hard days, is brought to a place of ease, freedom, and freshness. We find ourselves running on a path where we would have otherwise fainted. 


You don’t have to feel faithful in order to follow him faithfully, make a choice to follow anyway.