Right Person, Right Place


“. . . on the Sabbath they went into the synagogue and sat down.” Acts 13:14


Obeying Jesus brings spiritual upheaval, that’s the way God works. Unsettling circumstances will unsettle the heart and mind of the godly to move into action, and when the right people respond to the movement of God we should not be surprised that whole world is turned upside down.

At the time the church needed a leader, Paul was there. He was the right person in the right place. He had the Jewish background and this, coupled with his Damascus road conversion, he had the advantage of a Roman culture, education, and citizenship.  He had the mind of a philosopher and the spirit of a visionary. He had the courage of a crusader and the humility of a saint. He was equipped with everything a leader needed to launch a movement.

The mission had the right person at the head of it. When the right person is in the right place something special happens. No wonder the Mediterranean basin was beginning to shake as Paul led the mission to reach the Gentile world.   Paul was the right man in the right place, but he had something more than credentials. He had one vital ingredient on which the success of his mission would ultimately rest. 

Paul had the fellowship of the church behind him, he did not undertake his mission singlehandedly, nor did he do it in the spirit of a rock star or mercenary. His mission was no solo flight. Paul was one of several ministering to the church in Antioch. Paul had not only his experience and strength to rely on, he also had the fellowship of the faithful.

The application of this truth to the sustained impact of the global church is so obvious that it is often missed. The success of any church can never rest on just one person. Greater things are accomplished when the body works together. 


Are you using your gifts to serve in the church?