Sweat Equity


“Now Paul and his companions put out to sea . . .” Acts 13:13


Our faith is distorted when it leaves out the success of the church. To fulfill God’s will for our life requires full and total abandonment to what’s important to Jesus. Whenever we only seek Him for things for ourselves, our devotion is disfigured. It’s a hard truth to grapple with when we realize we've been more concerned about the payoff of knowing Jesus rather than knowing Jesus Himself. 

Few are willing to put in the sweat equity. In our culture of more, better and faster, we want the blessings, but not the burdens. Our inclination is to get to success quickly. Many want a wedding, but not the marriage, women want to be a bride, but not a wife, athletes want the ring without the risk, singers want fame without the fight, everyone wants success without sacrifice. Our life and talents are always attached to something bigger than just our aspirations.

We are not just here to seek a quiet tranquil life for ourselves, we are here for the purpose of building up His body, the church. The life of every believer has a collective vision, the reconciliation of others to God. The disciples and apostles were sent only for this very purpose, that Christ and His church would extend the kingdom of God throughout the earth. 

Our plans have to fit into His greater plan. Our loftiest longing and our hardest hustle are to be lived against the backdrop of God’s glorious plan. 

Our gifts are connected, we need each other to pull off this God-sized dream. The church will use trends and technology, we will mine the stats of big data, but it will take much more than the mechanisms of the world. It requires each and every Christian to be yielded to the Spirit of Jesus and abandoned to the ministry of reconciling a hurting world to God.


Are you building up the body of Christ or are you concerned only with your own spiritual and economic pursuits?