Flickering Fires 


". . . as Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, . . ." Acts13:9


Are you done with yourself yet? Are you over the illusion that your actual self represents your only possible self? The root of all our troubles are thoughtless words and the wordless thoughts we dare not think. It's the you that is meant to be by God, it's clear that under the rubble of regret, resentment, and rebellion there burns the embers of a new creation. 

There are long-closed mines where fires still smolder on, and, through the years, faintly fanned by a draft through some fracture in the earth. There are fires that are still ready to break into flames, darken the sky with smoke, ready to flare into the heavens. If the cracks are split open and the sparks are exposed to pure, raw, open air, then healing will break forth.

More or less, we are all like small flickering fires in closed mines. All of our buried fires are waiting to be unleashed by the breath of God. Outwardly, we look smug and self-satisfied, self-confident, in need of no one or nothing. Yet, still in the heart, there burns the belief there's more to us. 

The undealt with fire, which seems most deeply buried, blanketed in the earth, overgrown with grass, covered by mulch, will prove to be the most dangerous, when breathing out the poisonous gases of sin. Those dark fires within ourselves can only be extinguished by the redemptive work of Christ. Then, rekindled by the purifying fire of the Spirit. 

What we suffer for is our lack of faith. Faith that change is possible, faith that it's not too late for life to be different. There's no belief more important than for us to hold on and act upon, that the life we live, we live in the Spirit. This is the soul’s true quest to become what Christ has already made us. 


See the opening sentences of this devo. Wrestle with it until you're free.