Just Beneath the Surface


". . . Saul, who was known as Paul, . . ." Acts 13:9


Have you met yourself? Not the you you pretend to be, or the you others see, but the real you. The one just beneath the surface of the one we project to the world. Out of a mass of possibilities of roles we could've played, we've chosen various roles and fashioned a self we are comfortable with. We wander the streets of our life hoping our shallow masquerade will work.

The contrary is true we can and are far more than we ever thought we could be. Our clever disguise keep us on the run from our real self. But there is hope, for in the unexplored mines, in the submerged portions of ourselves, there's value waiting to be drawn out. Out from the stone, precious metal, then to be mined, and quarried, and fashioned into a new life.

You remember Saul who became Paul. The profound change that had taken place in him. He had undergone a new birth, a new self had taken the place of the former one, a self which no doubt had been hiding in the shadows of his public self. The entire rest of Paul's life he would spend bearing witness to the change, declaring "If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation, the old has passed away, behold new things have come." 

We are he, in each of us there's the Saul we are, known, holding in its grips the promise of the Paul God has designed, desired, and determined us to be. The Saul in us is the persecutor of our soul and enemy of the cross. The saving work of Christ releases us from our false self and frees us to be all we suspected, but never believed we could be. Christ gives rise to the Paul in us who confesses, "for me to live is Christ." 


Which is in control of your life, Saul or Paul?