Never Say Never


"And when they reached Salamis, they began to proclaim the word of the Lord . . ." Acts 13:5


Never say never God. You never know how God will lead, or how He will redirect your path. You don't need to have all the plans worked out with precise timelines in order to follow God. The time nor the season needs to be perfect. There's really only one thing needed. A spirit of willingness. 

Paul and Barnabas are models of remarkable willingness. God spoke and they went. Their directions were simple – to leave the port city near Antioch, and bravely set sail to Salamis and preach the gospel to both Jewish and Gentile alike. 

We have to work our willingness, even when great vision fades into a mirage, when purposes go unfulfilled, when strength crumbles away in weakness. Without willingness, we will wreck ourselves on the rocks of discouragement. Without a spirit of willingness, we will be inclined to play it safe.

Never share your faith, and you will never look like a fool. Never stand for what is right, and you'll never be rejected. Never live your convictions, and you'll never be judged. Never practice honesty in business, and you'll never lose business. Never reach out to the needy, and you'll never be taken advantage of. Never give your heart, and it will never be broken. Never go to Cyprus, and you'll never have to face confrontation. 

Willingness accompanies risk. There are no rewards without risk. The way of willingness is unknown to the unbeliever, there's a life of calculated safety. But to those who launch out willingly, they will know the joy of journeying with Jesus. The fellowship of the willing discover a universe of victory resulting from a life lived in allegiance to the Lord.


Are you willing to be willing?