Secret Strength


". . . the Holy Spirit said, . . ."Acts 13:2


See a need, meet the need, typically that’s the pattern of God’s people. We are conditioned to be responsive to the hurts and holes we see in the lives of others. Wherever we see lack, we instinctively leverage our energy and resources. If we are compelled solely by needs and our obligation to help, a dimension of our work will fail. 

The world had been prepared to receive the message of the gospel. The Romans had unified the world. The Greeks had provided a common language. The Jewish synagogues all along the crowded trade routes gave a place for the belief in the one true God. Christianity began at the intersection of the fullness of the time, it would be the turning point of the history of the world.

Saul and Barnabas saw the need of saving the lost of the world, but they were moved by more than the needs. They saw the convictions they held, and their sense of urgency, their inspiration and wisdom, their ability and assurance. The secret of their strength was the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Within the Godhead of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is equal to the Father and the Son. It’s the work of the Spirit that motivates and moves all our ministry. Could it be we've become so proficient in doing good works that we've lost the sense of intimacy and expectancy of the guiding confidence of God’s Spirit? 

The work of the Spirit supersedes all other things we rely on, our affections, resources, our best plans, and strategies. Rather, it's the inevitable, irresistible impulse of the Spirit working in the hearts of every believer. 

When the church is alive and quickened by the life of the Spirit, mission to the world is the ultimate outcome. The presence of God’s Spirit was the agent which moved the first missionaries. The Spirit is the decisive, all-embracing factor in our work. What we do is because "the Spirit said." 


Are you relying on yourself or the presence of the Holy Spirit?