Beneath the Surface


". . . bound his own feet and hands, . . ." Acts 21:11



Jesus never asks our permission as to what we will do, or where we will go, for Him. God makes us broken bread and poured out wine to please him only. To be separated to the gospel means to hear the call of God. Once someone begins to hear that call, a suffering worthy of Jesus is produced. Suddenly, every competing ambition and selfish desire is completely blotted out, and only one thing remains – Jesus.

 Beware of refusing the call of God, even when it ones from well-meaning friends. Agabus went so far as to bind his own hands and feet so as to show Paul what would happen had he gone to Jerusalem. But Paul felt the compelling force of the call to preach the gospel. The lure to resist the call always comes as a test, to see if God has found someone who can be gripped by the purposes of God.

 Paul could not be reasoned with, in fact, he was even more passionate about discipling others to follow Christ fully.

 There is beneath these verses something unmistakable and unexpressed. There is a relationship between Luke and Paul. One can almost feel the affection of an older disciple bringing up a younger disciple.  As they sail, Paul points out Cyprus, whose name means to raise up out of the sea. Paul told him of the early days of how the gospel had transformed so many. Paul disciples Luke by teaching him about the beginnings of Christianity.

 To disciple another in the ways of Jesus is the high call of every believer. Faith requires the guts to follow, the instinct to trust God against all reason, and the fortitude to finish the race. All of which cannot be gleaned from a book, it exists beneath the surface, it can only be laid hold of by spending time with one who has lived it. 



Who are you discipling?

Matt Shepperd

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