Jesus in High Definition


“When we had parted from them . . ." Acts 21:1


We are the church. The aim of the church is making Jesus known in all things. We are not here to know ourselves or live in a cycle of introspectiveness. We aren’t here to be famous, collecting hits, followers and likes. Rather, we are here to make Him known in the spheres of life in which we live.

 The church has always existed to bring about the realization of Jesus Christ in every set of circumstances.  The rapid movement of the church is determined by its ability to make Jesus known in high definition. 

 Luke recounts the travels of Paul with gusto, from Miletus voyaging to Cos on the Northeast shore of the island, then two nights of anchoring at Rhodes. After that, moving on to Patara, where they change from a small boat to a larger ship. Now with the prevailing winds, they would be taken to Cyprus and 350 miles across the open seas to Tyre. Luke's not writing a travelogue, he's giving us an insight to what made the trip to Jerusalem so swift, effective and successful.

 In each town and city, there were groups of Christians who welcomed Paul and his companions with open arms. They took them in, fed them and encouraged them in their mission. The small bands of Christians which dotted the shoreline served to make Jesus known to Paul and his people, as they went about carrying the name of Jesus to others.  There were pockets of hospitality and support in the seas of strangeness. 

It’s amazing to know that, in all parts of the world, there are groups of faithful men and women, who believe in, and follow, the same God we serve and for whom we live. We should keep our community of faith strong, so that as others travel, they will find us faithful and ready to sustain them, and send them on to the next lap of their journey.



What are some practical ways you help other servants of Christ in pursuing their call?

Matt Shepperd

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