And It Came to Pass


"And it came to pass, . . ." Acts 21:1



And it came to pass. Just five words. But five powerful words. All of life can be summed up in those five words. At any given moment of life we are either going into a season of change, in the middle of change, or on the way out of change. Life is always in transition.

 Paul had knelt on the shore with his fellow workers, they had orated together and given a tearful goodbye. A season of friendship and ministry had come to pass. Now Paul faced a thorny situation of the persecution which lay ahead for him. Another set of challenges and struggles awaited him in Jerusalem. The story offers us valuable insight on how not to be derailed from God’s direction for us.

 Loosen your grip.
We all have our share of heartaches, tests, and trials. Our natural tendency is to overreact by trying to control the situation. We attempt to minimize the pain, or avoid the situation altogether. Every part of life is only a step in the journey of Christlikeness. So it's vital to remember that the tough times don't come to stay, they come to pass.

 Believe God.
God is continually, consistently faithful. The treasures we carry out of the darkness are determined by our willingness to believe God. Indeed, what we receive in any situation is contingent on what we believe. Someone once said, "I was so broke I couldn't afford all the letters to spell broke, but God brought me through.” Looking back to see God was there gives us confidence He will be there in the future.

Keep your heart up.
Remembering that trouble does not last always, is necessary to our survival. God knew we needed this truth. The phrase "and it came to pass" is used 396 times in scripture. There's more than enough for us to use for each day of the year. God is making new life, not a day goes by without His unfolding grace.



And it came to pass . . . how does it affect your faith to go on?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
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