One Thing (Pt. 1)

There are many moving parts to the Christian life – Sunday gatherings, house church, missions outreach, community get togethers. They are not ends in themselves.  All are built around one thing, Jesus.  He’s why we do what we do.  He alone is our source and our supply.  What we must be vigilant of is not allowing all the good things to become the main thing.  If we lose Jesus amidst the good things, the things become nothings.  This weeks devos are built around the power of the right one thing.  “For to me, to live is Christ.”  You’ll notice each devo has the exact same title and reference verse.  I wrote this way on purpose.  The content is different, but the point is the same.  Jesus is our one thing.  It’s my prayer Jesus will become, and continue to be, your one thing.


"For to me, to live is Christ . . ." Philippians 1:21



The most powerful force in the universe is the power of prayer. It was once said that the prayers of God’s saints are the capital stock in heaven by which Christ carries on His great work upon the earth.

Paul's strategy for the church to grab ahold of God was prayer. Paul prayed for love, knowledge, and discernment. Paul’s prayer was also to promote greater harmony within the body of Christ. He offered this prayer because the church at Philippi tended to drift into disunity. Paul’s desire was for the church to do one thing: stay faithful.

Faithfulness means we close the gap between belief and behavior through prayer. It's our first responsibility in our everyday lives. Through prayer our one thing moves from theory to reality, from unawareness to awareness, from idea to experience, from trivial to trust. As Christ is formed within us, we come to know him more deeply. We become unified with Jesus.

The true test of every believer is remaining faithful to Christ until He returns. Paul understood this test, and he lifted the church up in prayer because of it. Paul said that believers in Philippi were being filled with the fruits of righteousness.

It works like this: God fills us with the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit when we believe. As Christ is formed in us, we learn to live every decision, joy, difficulty from within His presence.  Paul’s desire was for the church to mature in Christ and live in harmony to the glory and praise of God.



Get alone in the silence, wait for the noise within to subside, and soon the voice of love will be heard.

 Are you listening?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.