The Way


“. . . there arose no small stir concerning the Way.” Acts 19:23



The gospel locates us in darkness, it dislocates us from our mess and relocates us in His kingdom of light. Therein lies the out working of our salvation.

Paul had successfully preached the gospel in the city of Ephesus, life in the city would never be the same. His message shook idolatry, it endangered commercial and religious institutions. All time honored and comfortable practices were all dislocated from their positions of influence. Everything in the city was disrupted, people were disturbed and now there arose a conflict concerning the Way.

The Way is the oldest of all names for followers of Christ and the church they formed. The name is used only six times in the book of Acts and nowhere else in the New Testament.

The Christians found themselves having to explain and justify the beliefs they so strongly represented. It was not their theology nor some big impressive church building, but a new manner of living “The Way” of Jesus. 

The early church was known for its generosity, its community, its comradery, its compassion, its purity, its courage in the face of persecution. Its sense of awe astonished the city. The individuals of the early church represented a transformed nature that the presence and power of the Way of the church was undeniable.  

Those in the city could see what a life changed by the life of Christ looked like. And many were converted to The Way.

It is the task of the church today to make a fresh start at what first made the early church so influential. We must revolt against the false forms the church has taken on. We must return to the first principles to understand again the Way; to stand in front of a searching city and speak of a more excellent Way.



How can you best represent The Way of Jesus to others?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
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