The Three Elements of Godly Living


“For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God." Acts 20:27


Some scan the dial of the radio in search of a song to accompany their drive time, while some seek a song to drink to. It’s the songs that fill our phone that make up the soundtrack of life. The need to find the right baseline for life, or the right melody of the heart, points to a rich truth of life. All deep things are songs of the heart.

 Paul's ambition was to obey God fully and please Him fully. Should he be called on to offer up his life for the one who died for him, he was willing to do so. Paul knew he would never see his Ephesian brethren again, but his conscience was clear in leaving because he had held nothing back. He had instructed them in the fundamental truths of Godly living.

 Belief in the knowledge of God

Too often we judge Him with our limited knowledge. If God were only what He seems to some – a supreme King causing and working all things good and bad according to the counsel of his predetermined will, using all for the advancement of His glory. If that were all God is, taken by itself, it misrepresents God.

 It’s true, God is infinitely righteous, supremely sovereign. But behind the scepter of the mighty King is the heart of the Father. The ruling motive of His great omnipotence is love, which He so loved the world, He gave His son.

Submission to God

The greatest hindrance to rest is not having submitted our life to Him. A deep assurance can be had if we are willing to pay the price for it. The price of complete submission of ourselves, our plans, our desires to Him.

 Reliance on God

Our Savior invites us to commit our way to the Lord, to roll our burdens upon Him, to cast our cares upon Him. He says to His people give Me your difficulty, give Me your business, and anxiety, give Me your trouble. He graciously takes it and we only have to watch for an indication of His strength. We calmly look for the salvation of the Lord, then listen for the confession of our heart to sing, “my matters are in His hands.”


Does your life demonstrate these three elements? In what ways?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.