The Dangers of Upheaval (part 2)

The Undoing


". . . none of these things move me; . . ." Acts 20:24


We've all been through the seasons of upheaval, but we don't have to be defeated by them. Paul spoke these words while journeying to Jerusalem, a journey filled with hardship. With the prospect of imprisonment, he was able to say none of these things moved him. He knew full well how to upset upheaval. Like his Master, for the joy set before him, he had set his face towards Jerusalem. What do we need to do the same?


The temptation during upheaval is to disengage from God, turning from the Lord’s way in search of an easier way. But we are not here to stand aloof from the work of God, or to steel our heart against disturbance and upheaval. We are here to participate in all of God’s working, in seasons of success and sorrow. In the midst of the upheaval, we find a song of triumph.


The single biggest skill in undoing the upheaval is seeing the situation in the proper perspective. Oddly, it's the one thing many never really do. The size and the smallness of a situation can only be measured when placed next to the grace of God. When we stand next to the grace of God, and look out on all the problems and the people who once gave us so much trouble, once we regain a sense of perspective about the things that really matter, those things now seem so small and powerless.


The secret of not being moved by the upheaval is to see the hand of God in everything that touches our life. In all things we listen and look for the hand of God. Though we may be surrounded by many voices we only obey the instruction of one voice. Too many voices makes the heart restless. The psalmist once said, “I have set the Lord always before me, therefore, I shall not be moved.”


Which of these three elements need to be strengthened in your life?

Matt Shepperd

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