The Dangers of Upheaval (Part 1)


". . . none of these things move me; . . ." Acts 20:24


Upheaval is defined as a strong violent change or disturbance within a structure. We all go through times when our world is turned upside down by outside forces. Even our planet experiences great upheaval.

 The New Testament is filled with times of upheaval. It was the deadliest opponent of the early church. They encountered theological unrest and disunity among the body, along with family division. As well there were factions, frictions, and frustrations which caused all kinds of conflict. There were varieties of upheavals, which sought to throw the church off balance and away from its ultimate purpose.

 Upheaval comes into our life in many ways. Sometimes through staggering sorrow, sometimes through intoxicating success that causes our real nature to be revealed. In upheaval, we lose our grip on that which we were used to clinging. Upheaval is both the pain and privilege of the Christian’s life. However sheltered we are, sooner or later, upheaval will break into our lives, the reoccurring disturbance of the heart falls upon us all.

 We cannot avoid upheaval or dismiss it like an unwelcome guest standing on our porch. We can't shoo it away like a swarm of annoying insects. We must open the door and say, “Lord strengthen me, use this for your good. Prepare me.” There are two primary dangers of upheaval:

 We become distracted from purpose.

Living in the daily grind of life is hard enough. It's even more difficult to work while in great upheaval. The goal of upheaval is inward disturbance, to get us to be so distracted, we lose sight of what matters most.

 We desert the practice of prayer.

The panic of upheaval can cause us to neglect the regular rhythm of prayer, at the very time we need it most. We have a hunger for good, but we also have a bias toward evil. It's that bias the enemy uses in a season of upheaval.


Spend some time praying through your upheaval.

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.