Doubt or Faith?


". . . not knowing what will happen to me there," Acts 20:22


We crave security. To reflect on this for even a moment is to see the tension in trusting God. During Jesus’ ministry on earth there were those who said, "Lord give us a sign." The lack of belief would often exasperate the Lord.  It calls to mind Jesus’ response to Thomas, “Because you have seen, you have believed. Blessed are they that have not seen, but believed." In the demand for certainty, we remove ourselves from the privilege of knowing Him through faith.

Instead of living for signs, evidence, proof, or facts we should be living in faith. The opposite of faith is doubt. Doubt is determined by outward signs but faith rests upon the nature and character of God as just, Holy, and loving. Doubt is consoled by events. Faith has its confidence in the work of the Spirit. Doubt always wants to be assured of the outcome before believing. Faith trusts and goes where God goes. It can be led step by step. Doubt always looks back, faith always looks up.

 The fact is no matter how hard we try to secure our own life, uncertainty is the fundamental condition of life, and that is true in the richest parts of the world, as well as in the poorest parts of the world. If doubt were to have all its questions answered about God, it would surely paralyze the life of the soul.

 Faith is not strengthened by answers. Faith is strengthened as it Iives in the contradictions of life. We become people of faith when circumstances clash with our belief in God, and we live through it, without rebelling, without despair, all the while never doubting the clouds will break and all will become clear.

 Planting your feet firmly on that path and taking a step towards what you can't see . . . that is faith.


Based on the content of this devo, has your spiritual journey been one of doubt or one of faith?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
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