Choices and Voices


". . . now I go bound in the Spirit . . . " Acts 20:22


The world is full of contradictory voices calling us in different directions, and we don't know which to follow. We anxiously seek the counsel of friends to know which way to go, but it only complicates and compounds the confusion. The choices and voices of good and evil call out. Pleasure holds out a promise and though temporary, it is alluring, while opportunity stands before offering success.

 To live in the midst of all this cluttered landscape, absent of a controlling principle with which to be guided, is like a rudderless boat at the mercy of every wave, where we listen to the sound of every wind that blows, always altering our course. We must each find the meaning and purpose of this journey.

 Paul is the perfect example of a person governed by an unswerving faithfulness and conviction. He knows the way in which the Lord is leading and he resolved to follow after it. He is bound by the Spirit. The path was clear to him and whatever the consequences, he knew to follow any other path would be impossible for him, because it would be contradictory to the voice of God calling him upward and onward.

 The most ruthless, vulgar thing one can be ruled by is themselves. The serving of Christ leads to lordship, freeing us from the imaginary power of self-indulgence.  If one is willing to fully yield to the will of God as the impelling force moving them along God’s path, neither joy nor sorrow will stop them from their God-given destiny.


Take a small piece of paper and in one sentence finish this, "The will of God for me is to ____________________________________________________________.”

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.