It’s Worth It


“. . . I must also see Rome.” Acts 19:21



In a day when everyone is trying to be known, accumulating followers, counting their number of hits and keeping the text thread going; when everyone is trying so hard to be seen and heard, so many seem to be preoccupied with getting more likes, more viewers. We don’t find Jesus there seeking notoriety. We find Him seeking to serve, rather than be served.

It was as a prisoner that Paul reached Rome. His chains are a powerful lesson for us. They show us that great opportunities often come in undesirable settings. To have maximum impact, one must be willing to become a prisoner of the Lord. It is worth it. 

The greatest impact is not made by those who grasp after fame and fortune, but to those who are willing to wear the chains of a servant. Between our potential and our performance there lies the challenge of submission to one greater than ourselves. 

None who have served their Lord as His servant have never regretted setting out on the adventure of radical trust. Through love, sacrifice, and submission we discover ultimate freedom.

There are many who went the way of selfishness and found only disappointment. They looked back and wondered if life had been worthwhile. So much failure and emptiness, so many defeated dreams and dead-ends. The desires of their heart further away than ever. Those who have passed through the cities of their own dreams and have found it’s a city of mean streets, have all made the same mistake. A mistake from which only Christ can save.

They have forgotten the law of success is the law of sacrifice. The only way we find meaningful fulfillment is in serving the Lord’s purpose.



What chains has God asked you to wear? 

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.