It Was No Big Deal


"don't be troubled for his life is in him" Acts 20:10



A disciple is a sacred go-between. A follower of Jesus is to be so closely identified with Jesus and the reality of His redemption that Christ can continually bring his life through Him into contact with others. For any disciple, this way of living is to be the standard of the normal Christian life. It's always marked by two characteristics:

Humble witness

The reactions of the church before the death and resurrection of Eutychus. The first thing that happened was the service was stopped, and Paul raised the young man from the dead. Often churches have a tendency to elevate programs over people. The church was willing to stop everything to meet the need of one person. The church saw the necessity of care around them.

Honor of the word

The response of the church after the resurrection of Eutychus was they rejoiced and returned to worshipping the Lord as if it was no big deal, nothing much out of the ordinary had happened. Paul kept on preaching until dawn. Not because the miracle wasn't spectacular, but because there was another miracle taking place that same night. They were listening to the word of God being taught and the activity of the word was more miraculous, more powerful, more surprising, more amazing, than the resurrection of a dead person.

The church is a miracle. That is the theme of the entire book of Acts. It's a miracle that Jesus performs through the Spirit. If the church itself is not a miracle, if the life and action are so routine that we need other miracles in order to bolster our faith, then perhaps we need to rediscover our life in the Spirit again.



Fill in the blank as many ways as you can, “My church is a miracle because ______________.”  Find ways to share it with others.

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