The Flow


". . . there is life . . ." Acts 20:10



God has no greater adversary than death. There's no greater enemy that's able to control the thoughts, imaginations, and decisions of humanity. But God would not have it. Death is not to be granted a monopoly on the future. Because there's life beyond the grave.

Long sermons are a liability. As brilliant a preacher as Paul was, he couldn't hold the attention of everyone. Someone once said of preaching, "the mind can only comprehend what the seat can endure." A young convert sat on the ledge of window his eyes started to relax and out he went headlong into the pavement three floors below. The crowd gasped and began a death wail.

Tragedy tends to hit like that. Going along life as usual, there's a loss, followed by shock, we are rendered speechless, the flow of life is interrupted.

 So Paul interrupts the fixed flow of things to reverse the flow of life. Like the prophets before him, Paul demonstrated an alternative reality that destabilizes our expectations for the way the world works. Where we expected the embrace of death, we encounter life. The flow is reversed. Where we executed a church gathering to turn into a funeral service, the boy is raised to life. Life begins to flow.

 Paul continues to break bread and teach until daybreak. Why let a thing like death stop a good sermon?

 There’s a flow. The word and life rehabilitates the church, brings it back to life, transforms the church from fearful, little huddling behind closed doors, to a confident, brash band of prophets and preachers who were able to confront the world’s arrangement with death by shouting the words "there is life!"



Where does the flow need to be reversed in your life?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.