One Thing (Pt. 5)

There are many moving parts to the Christian life – Sunday gatherings, house church, missions outreach, community get-togethers. They are not ends in themselves.  All are built around one thing, Jesus.  He’s why we do what we do.  He alone is our source and our supply.  What we must be vigilant of is not allowing all the good things to become the main thing.  If we lose Jesus amidst the good things, the things become nothings.  This week’s devos are built around the power of the right one thing.  “For to me, to live is Christ.”  You’ll notice each devo has the exact same title and reference verse.  I wrote this way on purpose.  The content is different, but the point is the same.  Jesus is our one thing.  It’s my prayer Jesus will become, and continue to be, your one thing.


"For to me, to live is Christ . . ." Philippians 1:21


Experiencing life as a disciple of Christ is most rewarding and fulfilling. It can be very challenging. And often, it is filled with burdens, disappointments, failures, and frustrations that lead us to seek God for help. But, it is also filled with joy and satisfaction, contentment, and hope.

Christ on the cross is no mere theological construct. It's God’s enduring word to us saying "See how much I have loved you. See how you must love one another." It helps to have others around you who have made Jesus their one thing.  

The apostle Paul had a fond relationship with the church at Philippi. He often remembered them in his prayers. In Philippians 1:3, Paul was aware of their devotion to God and their love for the work of Christ. He sought to encourage them by letting the church know that he was praying for them. Paul also let them know that the work started in them would be completed by God.

When you go through difficult challenges in life, it is always a blessing to have a friend to encourage you through the ministry of prayer. To know that someone else is taking your cares and concerns before God can be energizing. Praying also connects you with other believers in closer fellowship.

The church is the fellowship of the one thing. We've been deeply changed by the sight of our Savior on the cross. Can you see it? From the cross the crucified One looks directly at you, then He whispers your name. Then, in a moment, in the bright darkness of faith, everything is different. It overrides your ego, fills you with peace, certainty, and awe. You arise knowing your one thing is the only eternal thing. And that you belong to the fellowship of the one thing – the church.  


Who's in your fellowship of the one thing?
Make it a point to reach out to them, let them know you are there for them.

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.