The Hope For Any Generation


“. . . to visit Macedonia and Achaia and then go to Jerusalem.” Acts 19:21



There were churches in these cities. The deep, abiding affection Paul had for the people of God living in those cities, shows us the zeal he had for souls. He knew that not only was his ministry attached to them, but his life also was inextricably bound to theirs. He simply could not think of it any other way.  

He could not imagine his future without the church. Paul ran hard after others for the sake of the gospel, seeking to build up the children of God with the same word of life that had changed his own. Paul encouraged others to do the same because he had encountered the word of life of the one who perfectly communicates the presence and mystery that is God.

Paul’s single concern and the effort of all his work was that the church would be vigilant about the cause of Christ. He pressed on to city after city to explore the boundaries of all that Christ makes possible in the act of following Him.  He was nothing less than a devoted disciple of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ.  

Trust is the hallmark of discipleship. If we trust, if we hold fast to Christ in the act of following Him, our lives will shine like lights in this ever darkening culture and become beacons of hope to those desperately searching for answers.  

Christ has not left the world, but remains present with His church in an active and vital way. The hope for any generation lost in the perversions of the disorder of sin is to be reborn as sons and daughters of God. 



What are your spiritual growth goals? Where in your life are you longing to see more of God? 

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
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