A God-Sized Dream


“. . . I must also see Rome.” Acts 19:21


“I must also see Rome,” this was no pipe dream. No longing for a vacation away from work. No sightseeing excursion. Those five words sum up the driving desire of the apostle Paul. It was the bringing of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus to the great city of Rome which made His dream worthwhile.

Rome was the city of a thousand pleasures, where life was full of color, sound and change. Rome was the world’s greatest market place. Rome was a city where success, promotion, and reward could be found. It was the city of the art, poetry, and literature. It was the seat of power and influence.

Paul came, with his great zeal for the spread of the gospel, with his ability to see the opportunity to preach the cross and resurrection, along with his courage to face trouble, trial, and turmoil with unflinching courage. Paul felt if he could gain a foothold in the greatest city in the world, it would mean unrivaled, rapid advancement of the message of the kingdom of Jesus on a scale larger than ever before.

Every one of us should have a God-sized dream, one that the very thought of it makes your heart melt. One that makes you feel an overwhelming, holy fear that it’s too big to be done. A God-sized dream outstrips our resources and ability. It always requires deep radical trust in God.

The grind of daily routine and responsibility does not make sense without a God-sized dream. The God-sized dream is what you’d gladly spend your time, your strength, and your resources on. Having a God-sized dream keeps us faithful in the most menial tasks. Only by living for something greater and eternal will we discover our God-sized dream.


What’s your Rome?

Matt Shepperd

Doer of Good. 
Working hard to make things better.