His Work, His Church

Happy New Year, Church Project!! It's the beginning of a new year. The right time to renew and rethink God's vision for our Church. This year God is asking more of us than ever before. To follow Jesus forward will mean we will have to be willing to be uncomfortable. This week's devos are designed to remind us that God has already equipped and empowered us to be and do all He's called us to do. This week, as you read the daily devos, think deeply, pray earnestly, and live expectantly. Be sure to share these with others. 


“. . . All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” Matthew 28:18


Christianity is about Jesus, His dreams, His desires, His demands. To be a Christian is to fully surrender to Jesus and receive Him as Lord. Ultimately, Christianity is not about personal salvation, personal blessings or even personal happiness. Rather, it is about an individual finding his or her unique relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendering his or her life to fulfill His destiny. From that point forward, everything connected to the Christian life is prioritized by the demands of King Jesus. 

The Kingdom of the Lord is absolute. From His exalted position as King, Jesus, the resurrected Son of God, is over all things, has all authority and rules as sovereign Lord over the creation. His Kingdom is not in the future; it is in the present.

His work is His church. At its base, the work of His church is supernatural, demonstrating the power and authority of His Kingdom; it is salvific, bringing individuals into the family of God as true sons and daughters of God; and it is loving, extending the great care of heaven over those who are saved. Those who receive Him as Lord and Savior are gathered into His church and baptized with the Holy Spirit, and through His church, the Lord Jesus extends His love, forgiveness and provision to the nations.  


Are you participating in Jesus’ mission?