Rise to the Call

Happy New Year, Church Project!! It's the beginning of a new year. The right time to renew and rethink God's vision for our Church. This year God is asking more of us than ever before. To follow Jesus forward will mean we will have to be willing to be uncomfortable. This week's devos are designed to remind us that God has already equipped and empowered us to be and do all He's called us to do. This week, as you read the daily devos, think deeply, pray earnestly, and live expectantly. Be sure to share these with others. 


“. . . I will build My church; . . .” Matthew 16:18


The Lord gave one great prophetic promise concerning His work following His death, resurrection, ascension and glorification as King of kings. He emphatically stated, “I will build My church.” Jesus used the Greek word, ekklesia, speaking of the church, meaning “assembly” or “the called out ones.” Throughout His reign as King, the primary task Jesus gave Himself was to gather individuals from all nations who would receive Him as Lord and Savior, thereby transforming them into a new holy people baptized, anointed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. These “called out ones” serve in His Kingdom as true sons and daughters of God who are placed into congregations of His church, gifted by the Spirit and called to various works and ministries inside the local congregations of His church. As a result of this ongoing supernatural work of the Lord Jesus by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the work of building His church becomes the task of each individual Christian. It is the ultimate call and destiny of Jesus for each of His followers. As Christians rise to their call, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ will gloriously and fully succeed in covering the earth with the righteousness of God. As Christians refuse to accept their place, success is severely halted!


Are you helping Jesus’ church succeed?