Super Clarity

This week we return to our study of the Book of Acts. Once again, we turn our attention to the beauty of the bride of Christ. To be reminded, the success of the church is not programs or policies. It’s not shows or gimmicks. It's the Spirit of Jesus. All our ministry is marked by the presence of Jesus. The standard of our success is: A fully functioning church always equals Christ Jesus in the world. This week read the devos, reach out through Christ-centered conversations and remind others to read our devos. If you like them, repost them.


“. . . who was I that I could stand in God’s way?” Acts 11:17


Jesus was never too tired to be kind. Remember when several mothers drawn to Christ brought their children wanting Him to bless them? The disciples tried to send them all away thinking that it was bothersome to the their Master. But as the moms went away disappointed, He said to them, “Let the children come to Me.” The woman at the well found Jesus tired and weary. But He threw aside His weariness to show sympathy for the trouble in her life. To the good, bad, and the outcast alike, He was kind. In His conduct toward the woman caught in adultery, brought to Him by men who were ready to stone her to death, there we see the compassion of God as He says, “Neither do I condemn you.” 

Thankfully, the Spirit of Christ was breathed into His followers. There are the saints on the earth who see with super clarity what the world needs. They hear the cries of the crushed and broken, victims of crooked conditions, lives that are pinched by circumstances. The needs rise to heaven. God sends his people into the rubble of people’s lives, to wade through the clutter and draw them out of their darkness with the good works of God.

God needs men and women to be living witnesses of His work. Everyday there are common needs lying at our doorstep. Pain doesn’t discriminate. 

Peter’s story reminds us that our attitude towards the world is vitality important. In Christ there is no bias or discrimination of any kind. Racial prejudice, social prejudice, and elitism are sins against the very love of God. We are not to let public opinion, or perception, or preferences influence how we live out this glorious Christ-centered faith. 

When Christians behave badly it causes seekers to say, “I like Christ, but I don’t like His Christians.” What a difference our attitude makes. The gospel never changes, but we can become unchangeable, inflexible, and unusable. We must guard against such a state. 


What’s your attitude towards others? 

Exclusive? Pessimistic? Passive? Judgmental?