Flying Fish

This week we return to our study of the Book of Acts. Once again, we turn our attention to the beauty of the bride of Christ. To be reminded, the success of the church is not programs or policies. It’s not shows or gimmicks. It's the Spirit of Jesus. All our ministry is marked by the presence of Jesus. The standard of our success is: A fully functioning church always equals Christ Jesus in the world. This week read the devos, reach out through Christ-centered conversations and remind others to read our devos. If you like them, repost them.


“The Spirit told me to go . . . without misgivings. . . .” Acts 11:12 


Centuries have gone by and the job description of the Christian has remained the same since its inception – to faithfully identify and invest in the interest of the Lord Jesus Christ. The love of God poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit works through us with everything we come in contact with. 

All of the life of the disciple of Jesus becomes ministry and service. The ministry  of prayer, praise, and the exhortation in the house of God. The service of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the least, the lost, and left behind, bravely and cheerfully in the places where God has appointed us. 

Flying fish live in the sea, that’s their nature and habitual realm. But once in awhile, they break the surface of the ocean into the air and glisten for an instant in the sun only to fall back into the sea once again. 

For many believers Christianity is a brief, occasional experience. Momentary flashes of faithfulness followed by long seasons of mediocrity. Yet they call themselves disciples. They are not really disciples, they are flying fish. Their heart beats with an intermittent passion for the things for which Jesus gave His life. True discipleship is more than sporadic service. It’s complete and continual connection to God.

Jesus modeled total commitment. He loved fully, worshipped daily, His hope was the kingdom, His instrument the cross. Jesus illustrated and initiated a life of ministry amid the dust and din of daily life. He lived a life of sacrifice for the sake of the salvation of others. Jesus’ life was lived in deep faithfulness and harmony with God.

We are to be no longer flying fish, making a show of our service. We are to submerge ourselves in the depths of God. The men and women God sends out on His endeavors are ordinary people, people who are controlled by their devotion to Jesus, whose service brought about by the ongoing work of the Spirit.  


Are you a flying fish, or faithful servant?