Look At Me

This week we return to our study of the Book of Acts. Once again, we turn our attention to the beauty of the bride of Christ. To be reminded, the success of the church is not programs or policies. It’s not shows or gimmicks. It's the Spirit of Jesus. All our ministry is marked by the presence of Jesus. The standard of our success is: A fully functioning church always equals Christ Jesus in the world. This week read the devos, reach out through Christ-centered conversations and remind others to read our devos. If you like them, repost them.


“. . . What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.” Acts 11:9 


The heart longs for significance. From childhood we wanted to be noticed. We did what we could to win approval. Through words and action, we cried, “Look at me!”

As adults, not much has changed. We still want to be seen, known, and feel important. The heart calls out, “Look at me!” 

To find significance we have to return to the nuts and bolts of life. We must begin at the foundation, dethroning our mechanical, materialistic perception of God. By clearing away the clutter, we find God, who’s never absent, whose presence can be found and felt in the ways and works of life, who can be known in every time and place of His creation. It’s He whom we know in the turmoil of the city, in the hopes and tears and struggles. It’s He whom we feel in times of remorse and regret. There is no place that He cannot be found. Wherever there’s a thought, a craving, wherever a heart is beating, a soul reaching, God sees you.

The Spirit of God is around us in the air we breathe. His glory is in the light we see. From God’s perspective, there are no wasted moments. He sees you in both fruitfulness and failures. He has written for us day-by-day the revelation of His word. He is day-by-day our daily bread. 

We think our life is dull and colorless, a dingy gray of routine, a monotone of monotony. We compare ourselves to a more robust, romantic life of others. You think you don’t matter. But you’re wrong. Your life is like a prism. If you look at it from the right angle, you may feel like merely a breaker of stones, but you are a maker of the King’s highway. Follow the One who has the power to make all things new. See to it you don’t miss the miraculous in the mundane. What God has cleansed, don’t call common. 


How does knowing God sees you, change how you see your life?