When God Goes Out of Bounds


". . . as they heard and saw the signs which he was performing." Acts 8:6


If everything has to go as planned, if everything has to go as you predicted in order for you to live well, you will be unable to step into the fullness of God’s best for your life. When what happens in your life is in God’s plan, but not your plan, there is an amazing principle in action.

God is a God of exits. No matter how limited options may look, you are never trapped. He will make a way out of no way. God is a God who goes out of bounds. 

The exact town Philip went to is not known. What matters is that it was a town out of bounds. Up to this point Christianity had been confined to Jerusalem. But Christianity by its very nature refused to be limited by boundaries. The gospel does not exist in a vacuum. It always moves outward to redeem new ground. 

The gospel has within it a compulsion to expand into every known place. The message of Jesus knows no boundaries. His kingdom moves into the realm of the rich and the poor, into the East and the West, into the common and elite. It seeks to capture the heart and minds of every tribe, tongue and nation. Philip’s journey marks a new stage in the history of the gospel. 

Philip was preaching the message of Jesus and performing miracles. God’s power was brought to bear upon the lives of men and women. It's fair to say that what looks like limitations can never limit God. 

When God goes out of bounds, lives are transformed, fears are removed, barriers are broken, restraints are removed, selfishness is brought under control, physical and psychological limitations are lifted and life is altered by the spiritual.

Philip, like the God he followed, was a man who went out of bounds to find the lost, the least, and the left behind. Our challenge is to be a community of faith who possess both the message and ministry of Jesus and will move out of bounds to those in need.  


What does it mean for you to follow God out of bounds?