I Didn't See That Coming


". . . they were all scattered throughout the regions . . ." Acts 8:1


Your presence has purpose. You have been strategically, intentionally placed on this planet for such a time as this. God knows this world has need of something He has placed on the inside of you. He wired you for the work, He crafted you for your calling. 

Stephen’s death only served to stir things up. Although what might have remained was a small offshoot of Judaism, what happened caught both the oppressors and the oppressed off guard. No one had imagined that the trouble with Stephen would ignite a global movement. The lesson here is although there is consistency in God’s character, there is unpredictably in His actions. God always finds a way for His church to succeed.

Being scattered was not something the people would have chosen, no one likes to be evicted. On the surface it looked like a total disaster. Yet, it was this disappointing circumstance that would disperse the seed of the kingdom. How often does life move forward by steps toward destruction and defeat? The most painful event may be the means to finding our greatest power.

Had the Christians stayed in Jerusalem they would have had a happy cloistered, comfortable life. When they were scattered, they faced all kinds of dangers, but they carried with them the seed of life that was meant for the whole world. In other words, their obstacles became their opportunity. As far as they were concerned, what happened to them was unimportant. The main thing was to tell the world about Jesus.

To pursue the will of God regardless of circumstances is a sign of spiritual maturity. Following God, no matter what happens, represents a deep-seated faith, to want God’s will above all else, in sickness or health, rich or poor, happy or sad. Whenever we are taking ahold of the destiny for which we were created, the course and the quality of our life will be determined by what we can't see coming. 


On a scale from one to ten, how much of a priority is the will of God for you?