Our Heart Cries


“Now the passage of Scripture which he was reading . . .” Acts 8:32


Cravings, we all have them, cravings are what drive our choices and determine our circumstances. Often our listening ear and longing heart get preoccupied with the trivialities of life and we lose our way in the search for satisfaction and contentment. Our cravings are a cry of the heart. 

The Ethiopian man had everything against him, he was living in a heathen land, surrounded by everything but the truth. He had not found what he really craved. Yet, his life had grown into a cry for God. Somehow he had his hands on the scripture. His craving caused him to seek, study, and read. He was deep into Isaiah as he journeyed along that desert road.

The Ethiopian man was reading the fifty third chapter of Isaiah. It is one of the holiest spots in all the Bible. As we read, we feel the tenderness and power with which it portrays Christ’s sacrifice and all the meticulous and mysterious ways of His redeeming work. This Ethiopian man knew nothing of Jesus and His ways. 

Yet, he too was melted and overwhelmed by the picture of the Man of Sorrows. Over and over, again and again, he read once more the description of the Man of Sorrows. He read of the one who bore our sin and suffered in our place. Then, at once, out of the craving of his heart sprang the ultimate question – the best question of faith, the question which answers all other questions, “Who is the bearer of human sin?” 

The Ethiopian man was taught to look at the crucified One, to desire Him, to reach out empty hands of craving after Him. There he yielded himself to a new saving presence and began to live for a Savior he had never seen. 

All we could ever do to satisfy our cravings for the benefit of all the longings of our heart, every empty pursuit, every failed attempt, brought us to the point of abandonment and brought only despair. Our heart cries out, tell me of Christ.


Have your cravings come in contact with the content of God’s Word?