Jehovah in Jesus


“. . . and was reading the prophet Isaiah.” Acts 8:28


Reading scripture the temptation is to make it what we want it to be. We try to fit into safe categories, of doctrine, theology, and history, but it wasn’t doctrine, theology or history the Ethiopian man was In search of. If he had stopped to consider those issues, he would’ve never found God at all. His urgent need was a revelation of the living God – His person, character, and will. 

The Ethiopian man found God in the scriptures. It was the voices of those through whom God had spoken that brought his heart home. It was the content of the sacred text of the vision of God that awakened his conscience, persuaded his heart to believe and won his life for eternity. The scriptures lead us to discover the beauty of God.

Peculiar character

As Isaiah said, he is “holy, holy, holy.” God is high and lifted up. The Bible opens up to us the world of God. We are brought into pages filled with the presence of the living God. We give way to Holiness and majesty. It’s the character of God that draws His people to their destiny. 

Powerful confidence

God is the judge and executor of justice and righteousness. Israel was inspired by God’s confidence to bring justice upon the unjust. It’s the hope for those who have been wronged today. God will bring justice in this life and the next, until all wrongs are righted, until the crooked is made straight. 

Present in compassion

God is not merely abstract holiness and justice. He doesn’t exist armored from His creation. But God is present in the pain of people. God’s heart is grieved. He descends into our world to participate with the pain, pressures, and problems. God willingly sacrifices Himself to bring about righteousness and justice on behalf of His people.

Through reading the Old Testament the Ethiopian man recognized Jehovah in Jesus Christ. In all ways He’s the living God whom the Old Testament reveals, the Holy God in character, confidence, and compassion. 


Let the Word of God lead you to the God of the Word.