God of My Gaps


“. . . sitting in his chariot, . . . “ Acts 8:28


It’s only the beginning. Upon salvation we discover we have not yet arrived. There are still gaps. Between what we were and who we are. 

When we first meet the Ethiopian man he’s on the road in between two cities. His home city in Egypt and Jerusalem. The two cites hold particular significance for us. One represents the best the world has to offer, and Jerusalem, is the city of rituals and temple worship. The Ethiopian man had searched both cites for meaning and answers for his hungering heart, and found none. There is an analogy here as to how we experience life.

We are caught between two cites: Jerusalem is the appointed time and place for giving worship. Ethiopia is the place of family, needs, work responsibilities, inclement weather accidents, and windfalls. Our beliefs and convictions belong to Jerusalem while our energy and attention is spent in Ethiopia. We feel the pull of these two cities. Truly our life is lived in the in-between places. Life is lived in the gaps. 

The gaps are the places of contradictions and inconsistencies. There is always a gap between where we are and where we are going. Jesus had to journey through the gaps. His life is our lesson. There’s no crown without the cross, no resurrection without burial, no power without pain. There’s no Calvary without Gethsemane.  Some gaps are designed to make us grateful, while other gaps are designed to make us grow.

With split second timing Philip shows up. He’s there to remind us that God knows our gaps. Into the gap of disappointment, we find He’s still near, when your heart is broken, when your shame is great, when you lose momentum. He’s there when our faith is gone. The gaps have both battles and blessings.

Salvation doesn’t take away the gap. We still have habits, appetites, and priorities. We still have gaps. God doesn’t take away our gaps, instead God is the God of our gaps. The good news of the gap is that God fills our gaps with His grace. There’s grace in the gaps of our lives.


Where are the gaps in your life? Ask God to fill the gaps in with His Presence.