Billboards and Bumper Stickers


“but Peter replied” Acts 8:20


There’s no mistake when the Lord speaks. With strength and compassion, He takes hold of our understanding. He comes to us directly with intimate insistence. God speaks in the language we know best – our circumstances. God breaks down the confidence we’ve placed in our own way of doing things. He reveals the depth of our short-sightedness. 

Peter is the perfect example of the voice of God breaking into the soundproof chambers of our heart. There are some believers today who think they are sent to argue others into the kingdom. Argument is the weakest of all weapons. There may be times when it’s called for, but as disciples, we don’t journey to Samaria to pick a fight with the Simons of the world. 

The other end of speaking truth plainly, is watering it down. We are reducing our witness to the lowest common denominator, to a catchy slogan, a pithy saying, a billboard, or a clever bumper sticker. Rather than resorting to mushy affirmations and trusting in popular practices, we instead lower the standard to, go along to get along. 

But Peter replied. His rebuke of Simon is fierce, “you and your money can go to hell.” Peter doesn’t put up the truth for sale. He does nothing but shine, he lets His light shine. The best method of dealing with error is to proclaim the truth and leave the results to God. We are to advance the kingdom of Jesus out in the open, as if we trusted in it completely. The fiercest opponents will melt in the presence of the truth.


Are you replying to the needs, circumstances, and struggles of others with the truth? Have you diluted the truth for the acceptance of others?