The Sin of Simon


“. . . he offered them money,” Acts 8:18


Power, we all want it. Moms want power over their time, the business person wants power over the market in order to gain the power of profit. We always face the danger of worshipping power. Money is power, talent is power, position and privilege is power. Of course, knowledge is power. Those who have it, can use it to their advantage. There is an inherent problem in all our pursuits of power.

They are all powers of earth and will perish with it. Power all too often is worship of the world. It’s seeking the creation, rather than the Creator. Simon thought money could do everything. He deified it. Everything he taught and practiced was to secure popularity and set himself up as one who possessed the power of wealth. He took it for granted that everyone else regarded money in the same way. He thought he could use his power to purchase the power of God.

And so do we. The sin of Simon is our sin too. So let him who is without sin in this matter cast the first stone at him. Even if we haven’t sought to buy God’s gifts with money, we know what it’s like to have consented to sell our soul to gain the world. 

Let the power you long for be the power of heaven. There will be no mistaking it from power conceived of human ingenuity. God’s power points upward, it will draw us away from ourselves and towards God. God’s power makes the unseen world more real in our world. It makes the world of glitter much less appealing, for we see power’s limitations.

Neither power nor money can buy us God’s gift of grace. It can’t buy health or sight. No matter how much of either we possess, they can never buy a tone or a clean conscience. It can’t buy us hope in death, or a single ray of God’s love. To believe otherwise is what the Bible calls a fool. The sin of Simon was believing he could have the world and heaven too.


Where in your life do you see the sin of Simon?