Self-Generated Discipleship


“. . . that they might receive the Holy Spirit.” Acts 8:15


The mind is a collection service. It takes it all in; all of what is going on around you. All the information is dumped into the mind. Your senses are continually bombarded by negativity. Your thoughts feed on it. Your mind traps the words you heard and they continue to live on in the soulish realm.

We are dominated by our mind. We allow only our flesh to affect what we perceive. This is why we can have knowledge of the Bible, be theologically trained, and still live in defeat. It’s possible to be spiritual and still not have the peace of God. Our spirits are cluttered. We are mentally and emotionally locked up. 

The challenge is to strengthen the spiritual dimension of your life. Our spiritual muscles are underdeveloped. We can’t fix this problem on our own. The story of the Samaritans serves as a warning to us. They had intellectually received the message of Jesus, but had not surrendered to the power of Jesus. 

It’s important to recognize how debilitating it is to miss the enabling dimension of the gospel. Peter and John saw this, immediately they knew these people could not live in the new life of Christ without His indwelling Spirit. 

The great warning signal sounded by this passage is that when the Holy Spirit is left out of our understanding and presentation of the gospel, it will produce converted people who are born again, but have no power. 

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. It’s possible that many have missed it because they have not had a crisis or a challenge big enough to demand a thing more than their own self-generated discipleship.


What are the symptoms of self-generated discipleship? Today ask for the Spirit of the Lord to fill you.