Focused and Flourishing


“. . . he preached the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus . . .” Acts 8:12


Every day people live with a smile painted on the exterior of their life. They return home at the end of each day only to deal with all kinds of traumatic, infectious, emotional, and spiritual disorders. This, in the midst of some of the greatest worship and preaching services, surrounded by Christian media of TV, satellite radio, and Bible studies. And people remain wounded, unhealed, and hurting. There must be something missing.

We have to cut down below the surface to understand what’s going on. When we do, we are confronted with an unflinching principle. Whatever we feed will flourish. Phillip gave a message to the Samaritans that had caused them to experience conversion, new life, healing, and freedom from sickness and torment. Phillip had a three-point message.

The Christ

Phillip didn’t preach about Christ, he spoke of the work of Jesus as if he were introducing a friend who had changed his life. Every Christ-centered conversation we have with others should always end with the man of Galilee, the Lamb of God, the resurrected Savior, the infilling of the Lord of life. 

The Kingdom

People flounder without a kingdom call and purpose. Phillip knew by introducing others to Christ that he also had to share the secret of growth and victory. The kingdom is experienced through the surrendering of the details of our life to the rule of Jesus. 

The Name

There’s only one power that can release us from old habits, old ways of thinking, old ways of relating, and old value systems. It’s the name of Jesus. When Philip preached the name, he shared the secret of unlocking the power of the Lord in specific situations. All things are possible when we pray in the name of Jesus. 

Whatever we focus on will flourish. Our best preparation for ministry and life effectiveness is to reaffirm these three things in our own life each day so we have something fresh to say. 


Are you drawing power from these three areas each day?