Good Hurts 


“Therefore, those who had been scattered . . .” Acts 8:4


It’s not the success in life that shows you who you really are, because His power is perfected in our weakness. It’s how you handle the hurts that reveals your true self. They are called good hurts because they make you stronger. Good hurts make you better. Good hurts kill our childish ways, good hurts make us leaders.

When those around us see us walk through hell and still trust Him, and we still are standing when it’s all over, they say give me some of that kind of faith. Good hurts make us witnesses to the life Jesus has for every person. 

Good hurts don’t stop you, they strengthen you. What happened to the early Christians would have killed a normal person. We are told of Philip’s success in Samaria. It was not just a city won for the gospel, it was the religious center of the Samaritan people. Saul was not succeeding in stopping the spears of the gospel.

Saul was convinced he was crushing the Christian movement. In fact, the harder he worked to persecute Christians, the more the movement multiplied. Whatever territory they passed through, they told people why they had to leave Jerusalem and testified of their faith in Jesus. God was turning persecution to His own great ends.

Good hurts always point to a higher purpose. Good hurts always inspire others. If you can endure the pain and stand up anyway, you’ll hear God say, “You are gonna make it through.”

If you have a personal wound, in a private place and you wonder, “Why me? God, this hurts.” It’s a setback, it hurts, but it’s a good hurt because it brings you to a deeper trust in the direction of God. Can you hear Him saying, “Trust me. I had to do something shocking. I had to get you to a new place, destiny is calling, the world is waiting.” 


Praise Him in the pain, keep walking, keep trusting Him. Make a choice to trust Him anyway. Thank you, God, this season may be challenging, but you are with me.