Love Completely

In an age where everyone has distinguished themselves with a personal brand, where corporations work to advance their corporate brand, they spend billions on tag lines, mission statements and catch phrases. They do this all in hope you will buy what they are selling. The church, however, is not a brand or strategy to be bought and sold. The church's defining mark, its sole motivation, is wrapped up in one word – LOVE. “And they shall know us by our love.” It is why we worship, it's why we care, it's why we plant churches, so that others will know the love of Christ. This week’s devos drill down on the topic of love. It's our prayer that you soak it in, and live it out. Also, let others know about our daily devos. 

Love Completely


“Jesus said (to the lawyer who asked) to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment.’ ” Matthew 22:37-38


Today many live in a house of fear rather than a house of love. Love is strangled, freedom is stifled and righteousness is shackled. Culture has so distorted unconditional love by preaching a do-it-yourself spirituality.

Do you want work? You get what you deserve.

Do you want money? Get out there and earn it.

Do you want love? Then earn it!

Do you want mercy? Show you deserve it.

Do you want friends? Don't trust too many.

Human love is often conditional. We love someone on certain terms, perhaps as long as that person does or doesn’t do certain things. God, however, is not a passive spectator, He loves us unconditionally.

In response, Jesus called us to love God completely. Jesus’ description of how to love God encompasses all of our being – heart, soul, and mind:

Heart – Trust Him ferociously. 

Soul – Hear the sweet sound of amazing grace.

Mind – Give your thoughts to the living color of His word.

Jesus’ instruction is to completely devote the center of our being, our conscience, our lifetime, our thoughts, and our understanding to loving the Lord – to wholly love Him with all that we are.

When you have given your life to the Lord, then your mind has been set, your decision to love has been made. The first and greatest commandment begins when we turn to God to experience that we are deeply loved and in return we love deeply.


Father, I commit or recommit my entire being, my lifetime, my thoughts and my understanding to You from this moment on. Nothing short of the entirety of me will do. If I grow weary or began to wander, remind me of this commitment by Your Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen