Your God is Too Small


“. . . where will my resting place be?” Acts 7:49


The greatest struggle of Christians today might surprise you. It’s that the God we worship is smaller than the God revealed in scripture.

What comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us. We must constantly be on guard against shrinking God to fit our expectations. It’s a danger we all face and, at one time or another, have been guilty of. 

Go ahead, picture God. What comes to mind? Try to imagine His holiness; try to imagine His character; try to imagine His infiniteness. Regardless of what you pictured, your view of God is too small. Our highest thoughts of God do not do justice to His greatness. His justice is unreachable, His ways are unfathomable. But that’s no excuse to live with a small view of God.

Do we throw up our hands? Give up on pursuing and knowing God? The tendency to shrink God to a manageable size calls for a deep reading of scripture, more fervent prayer. We must always be pushing at the boundaries of our view of God. Daily we seek to elevate and magnify the greatness of God through the ministry of His Spirit.

Stephen drives home this point to us that God is on the move, not restricted to any one place. God is the maker and creator of all things. The highest heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool. God reigns and relaxes over and within His creation. There’s no human structure that could be built that could ever fully contain Him.

The great God knows no bounds, and cannot be restricted to a building. So what kind of resting place can be built for God? Shockingly, if our glorious God, who, having pledged Himself by covenant to be our God, were to have any place on earth to live, love, and express Himself, He would make His home in our heart. 


God’s address is you. How does knowing that change the way you will think and live today? Refuse to live with a small view of God.