Distinct Differences


. . . the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. . .” Acts 7:32


In an age where we are known by identification numbers, passwords and mailing lists, where life in the digital is largely impersonal, we must remember God is the God of the individual. He hears the separate beat of every heart. He hears the anguished cry and has great compassion on every wounded and bruised heart.

When Jesus saw the crowd, He saw not a sea of faces,but individuals. When He spoke to His audience, He spoke of the individual. For one coin,the woman swept the house; for one sheep,the shepherd leaves the ninety-nine; for one prodigal son,the father waits for his return. Dying for the world, His heart was filled with love at the entry of one thief into heaven. 

All three figures mentioned in this verse move through the pages of scripture, all distinct in their personality.

Abraham, a man gifted with the capacity of leadership,pushing his way through a thousand lesser things to grasp and grip by faith what really matters, the righteousness of God. Abraham was a man who had his own battles, but it’s his belief in God that inspires us to believe in the God who led him.

Isaac, the son of promise,was contemplative,quiet, not intense, hated strife and possessed a tinge of melancholy. He tended to stay close to home. Though he loved God, he was fueled by the love of family more. 

Jacob was as different from Isaac as night from day. He was a man of power, he was shrewd, subtle. He was a strong man who could not be stopped in whatever he set his mind to do. Sadly, he was a man the devil could have used greatly, had God not stepped in with his preventing mercy.

Through these three figures we learn that God has a heart and love for the individual that’s bigger than our greatest difference. This is the wonder of God in Jesus, that He speaks to the heart of every kind of person, regardless of their background or struggle. He has a message for every heart. 


Has your background become a wedge between you and God?