“. . . the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.” Acts 7:56


God is never far from His people. The incarnation of Jesus was His coming into this broken world, to conduct a search and rescue mission for lost hearts. The resurrection and ascension seemed to have removed Jesus from the world. Stephen stood in front of his executioners. That day the blue Syrian sky parted and suddenly the heavens opened – there stood the Son of Man.

How fitting to see him as the Son of Man. It means the embodiment of humanity. The Jesus he had known and trusted in was still the same Jesus that he had been in his days on earth. Whatever changes the resurrection had brought to him, Stephen saw Jesus standing in His humanity in solidarity with His people. All that knit Him to His friends on earth was still the same. His ascension had not broken the bond between the cross and the throne. He was still the Son of Man. 

Today we are apt to place the Jesus that spoke and ministered to people as a moment in history. That His works are only a memory. Though we sing of his works, our minds have trouble believing the full force of His present work. We feel that if we were to outstretch our hand in faith into the dark moments of doubt, we’d be unsure if He were there. Life here on earth seems to have hidden His work from us. 

What Stephen saw was not only for him, but for us all. More and more we need to return to this vision of the Son of Man standing with us. We need to set our hearts on the reality that He this very minute is standing in the midst of our circumstances. You are not in this life by yourself. Stop for a moment, set the eyes of your heart onto heaven. Gaze at Him standing there, do you see the Son of Man standing on your behalf? Jesus is not far from you. 


Let your heart take comfort, He is the same Jesus that walked the earth. His love will never be lost. May everything in Jesus be made real in you.