Focus on Jesus

This week we resume our journey in the book of Acts to recapture God's original vision of the church and what it means to be His community on the earth. Our devos this week are intended to get you to consider a few of the mega-themes contained within Acts chapter 7. We recommend you read the whole chapter to gain a sense of the context of the devos. Invite others to read the devotionals and use them in your conversations. Enjoy the read.

Focus on Jesus


When the elders and scribes heard these things they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed at Stephen with their teeth. Acts 7:54


When the elders and scribes heard Stephen boldly proclaim the Word of God and accuse them of killing the prophets, as well as the One about whom they prophesied, they killed Stephen. And in this tragedy, the first Christian martyr taught us something about how to live and how to die. Basically, Stephen lived and died focusing on Jesus Christ.

Stephen was such a unique man of God that in his death, Jesus enabled Stephen to see Him standing at God’s right hand as he died for his faith.

Was Jesus applauding Stephen for the way he lived and the way he died?  Did Jesus enable Stephen to see Him in order to encourage Stephen about the glory of heaven? 

I’m not sure, but here is something I do know. It is the middle of the week. Distractions abound, constantly drawing you away from the eternally important. Surprises and interruptions have occurred. What now? Will you give up, or will you continue to try to give God glory in all that you do?


Learn from Stephen – focus on Jesus now. In life, keep your eyes where they should be – continually on Jesus! You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can refocus your heart and mind. The blood of Stephen motivates you to live like him.