Bad News

This week we resume our journey in the book of Acts to recapture God's original vision of the church and what it means to be His community on the earth. Our devos this week are intended to get you to consider a few of the mega-themes contained within Acts chapter 7. We recommend you read the whole chapter to gain a sense of the context of the devos. Invite others to read the devotionals and use them in your conversations. Enjoy the read.

Bad News


They threw him out of the city and killed him. Acts 7:58


People who announce bad news sometimes get blamed for causing it. It is difficult to be the one who bears unwelcomed news. 

When Stephen addressed the religious leaders of Israel, he incurred their wrath because he boldly told the truth about themselves. He criticized their ancestors and implicated the whole council in the murder of Jesus Christ.

Everything he said was true. So, what did they do with this indictment? They threw him out of the city. Because he told the truth, Stephen died under a barrage of stones.

When we speak out for purity, righteousness, and godliness in a sinful, pleasure-loving world headed toward destruction, we, too, will be criticized. But no matter what happens to us, we belong to God and ultimately He will vindicate us, if not in this life, in the life to come.


Are you able to be criticized for your beliefs? Take time and see if you are standing up for purity and righteousness.