Strategy for Success

The best proof of the resurrected Jesus is not the sacred text, historical evidence, or eyewitness accounts, the most persuasive, irrefutable validation is YOU! Someone once said, “I know Jesus changed my life because I was there when it happened!” You are audible, visible proof of the life-changing power of Jesus. When told succinctly and clearly, your story of how you met Christ is the on-ramp for others to place their faith in Christ. Jesus’ famous last words were “you shall be my witness.” The ones who heard Him changed the world. This week we are reorienting our thoughts towards sharing our Jesus. As you read the devos, think deeply, slowly and pray for a heart shift. Somebody you know needs to hear about Jesus. A big thanks to the many of you that have shared and reposted the devos.

Strategy for Success


“. . . you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,” Ephesians 2:19


The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not waiting for a strategy in order to reach the billions of individuals on planet earth with the good news of the love of Jesus. That strategy has already been determined by the Lord Jesus. It is a strategy that is to be renewed in each successive generation. Throughout the 2000 years of church history, and in the midst of every possible social change, the Lord’s strategy for the ministry of His church has succeeded. The challenge faced by each congregation of the church is to embrace the strategy, fully commit itself to its implementation, and live expecting the power and blessings of the Lord to be upon their obedience. 

Church Project is facing the same challenge. The call of the Lord Jesus is before us. Our task is to receive His instructions, join in His work and not quit until our assignment has been accomplished.

The productive process of the church is giving hope to others through the message of Jesus and His cross. With the gospel, we bring the heart of God near, helping others see themselves the way God sees them and not how the world views them. There’s no more sustaining, transforming influence on the human life than the power of the gospel. When a person personally receives the work of Jesus, the weary struggle with emptiness is brought to an end. The saving work of Jesus injects into all battles the presence of victory. As members of the church, we go into our community in a spirit of hope. Every citizen of the household of heaven is called to go and build the church of Jesus.


Are you bringing the message of Jesus to others?