The Threshold of Breakthrough

The best proof of the resurrected Jesus is not the sacred text, historical evidence, or eyewitness accounts, the most persuasive, irrefutable validation is YOU! Someone once said, “I know Jesus changed my life because I was there when it happened!” You are audible, visible proof of the life-changing power of Jesus. When told succinctly and clearly, your story of how you met Christ is the on-ramp for others to place their faith in Christ. Jesus’ famous last words were “you shall be my witness.” The ones who heard Him changed the world. This week we are reorienting our thoughts towards sharing our Jesus. As you read the devos, think deeply, slowly and pray for a heart shift. Somebody you know needs to hear about Jesus. A big thanks to the many of you that have shared and reposted the devos.

The Threshold of Breakthrough


“And Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit; . . .” Luke 4:14


Throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus there were times of great miracles. The individuals that were recipients and those who were in proximity of each miracle event were living in the moment with a cacophony of thoughts. Some were thinking  of their own unworthiness to receive a much needed miracle, while others simply wanted to get a closer look at what they thought was a perfect setup for someone’s painful disappointment. The single most important truth is the fact that in the face of the most contrary human circumstance, God still has a will and is pressing to enact His will in each moment and throughout human history. Those who will actually experience the will of the King in their lives will do so by recognizing, in each critical moment, that the needed breakthrough is not dependent upon anything that they see going on around them. In fact, to the degree that we are willing to receive the perspective of the King, is the degree to which we will experience victory in the threshold of a breakthrough.


Whose breakthrough will you be today?